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Low Voltage Electrical Contractor Chicago IL

Galaxi Orion Electric Co is a professional low voltage electrical contractor serving Chicago city and nearby areas. We work in close collaboration with our customers to keep your spaces safe.

It is a crucial decision to get the right contractor to install the cabling infrastructure backbone for your residential and commercial spaces. We make all-out efforts to secure your cabling infrastructure to solve all your low voltage installation needs without any hassle. Our continued customer support, expert installation, construction coordination, competitive pricing, and quality consultation keep your spaces safe.

More than Technology

Our industry-wide experience, technical knowledge, and quality cabling infrastructure installation keep all your needs satisfied. Our wiring technicians expertly layout the cabling structure while successfully meeting all your budgetary needs, project deadlines, landlord requirements, inspection, and scheduling preferences. We are committed to meet all your electrical problems and conditions as smoothly as possible. Our goal is to take care of the entire cabling structure to provide you with minimum hassle.

Commercial Electrician

Lighting Installation


Trusted Low Voltage Wiring Contractor Near You

We offer trusted low voltage wiring services in Chicago IL. Since, we are a licensed company, we incorporate a skilled and professional crew of wiring electricians.

Proper cabling infrastructure and electrical wiring are very crucial for the safety of your building. We install, repair, upgrade and troubleshoot your systems. Our skilled team assumes similar responsibilities as commercial and residential electricians do. Nonetheless, we are equipped with all the proper training and tools to satisfy all your low voltage systems’ power needs. We specialize in installing new cabling infrastructure and electrical wiring, maintaining them, diagnosing future problems, and making the necessary adjustment to all your low voltage systems, components, and equipment. Some of the standard electrical systems and equipment our technician work with include:

  • Cable, digital, or closed-circuit television systems
  • Fiber optic networks
  • Fire systems
  • Home entertainment systems
  • Internet systems
  • Land-line telephone systems
  • Local and wide area networks
  • Security alarm systems

Low Voltage Contractor Services We Offer


Galaxi Orion Electric Co knows a reliable communication network is essential for your business productivity. We can satisfy all your data transmission, and voice needs offering you a full-spectrum of voice and data system design, installation, and maintenance.

• Backbone cabling (fiber optic and multi-pair) • Backbone cabling
• DS3 and T-1 cabling• Cords and Patch Panels
• Horizontal cabling• Data Centers
• Outdoor duct banks• Fiber Backbone
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Systems• Horizontal Cabling
• Racks and Cabinets

Surveillance technology is used to protect the facility and instances of crime and unauthorized breaches. Galaxi Orion specializes in helping you prevent revenue loss because of shoplifting, theft, vandalism, and willful information destruction with its secured surveillance system.

A fully-operational fire alarm system is essential for company safety, visitor safety, and property protection. Count on our experience to deliver fool-proof system designing, installation, inspection, testing, and certification today! Connect with us to learn more!

Galaxi Orion recognizes that both audio systems and visual systems are essential for small and large enterprises to seamlessly facilitate presentations, impart information, train the workforce, inspiring increased employee productivity. Connect with us to learn more!

Galaxi Orion provides wireless solutions. Design, build, and install wireless solutions – get all your wireless solution maintenance and upgrades with us. Our years of telecommunication experience enable us to seamlessly inspect, maintain, and upkeep your wireless infrastructures.

Why Us?

Galaxi Orion Electric Co. takes pride in saying that we provide the best low voltage electrician services to residential and commercial clients in Chicago city and nearby areas. Our electricians are well-trained, professional, and highly experienced to handle all kinds of low voltage electrical jobs – audio and visual systems, fire alarm systems, security systems, voice and data systems, and wireless solutions – with maximum level of satisfaction and peace of mind. We provide fast, up-to-code, and reliable services. We deliver:

  • Reliable and timely services;
  • Expert Workmanship;
  • Competitive prices;
  • Best results

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