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Lighting Retrofit Contractor Chicago IL

Do you also want to upgrade the lighting of your home sweet home or workplace? Are you looking for expert, reliable, and affordable lighting retrofit contractors? Seems your search ends here. Galaxi Orion Electric Co. is the one stop solution for all that. We provide various lighting solutions such as installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance to commercial and residential clients in Chicago, Chicagoland and nearby areas.

Some of you will still remember the gossip sensors used to switch the lights on and off from your bed in the 1990s. The technology that was considered a rage back then now seems outdated today. Lighting solutions in many households that were all controlled by a switch also fit into this category. However, intelligent retrofitting solutions brought a revolution in the lighting industry – boosting modern lighting solutions.

Many innovative lighting solutions have made life easier than ever. Automatic lighting, controlling the lights via an app, LED lighting, and many other retrofitting solutions have changed the way people used to brighten up their homes or offices.

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Commercial Lighting Installation Chicago

A commercial lighting system is designed to bring illumination to nonresidential spaces like offices, restaurants, hospitals, institutions, stores, and manufacturing units. Energy-efficient and automatic lighting controls, sensors, and lighting retrofit or relighting create a more positive environment at dramatically lower energy costs. These advanced installations, modifications, and customized controls such as motion sensors, daylight-controlled systems, auto-dimming/ off systems, etc., are considered valuable and practical solutions for any business.

Our expert electricians professionally perform the lighting installations, relighting, and modifications at commercial units. They provide complete solutions, including energy-efficient and customized lighting controls in different areas of your business location.

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Benefits of Lighting Retrofit

Besides giving a mesmerizing look to your residential and commercial spaces, renovating your old lighting fixtures also brings several other benefits:
  • Saves Your Money: Incandescent, halogen light bulbs, and other traditional light sources tend to produce a lot of heat-adding an extra burden to your HVAC system. Switching to advanced lighting solutions such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can help your HVAC system get a break. A brief pause may provide you relief from higher bills.
  • Lower Maintenance: LEDs are a valuable addition to your commercial space. Unlike outdated lighting, they are long-lasting. They help you save on the maintenance costs as you don’t have to replace them very often like a regular bulb.
  • Attractive look: Modern lighting fixtures come with a fashionable and classy look. Stylish LEDs, fittings, and relighting give an eye-catching look to your residential and commercial spaces with customized controls round-the-clock.
  • Improved lighting quality: LED retrofit solutions are also helpful in improving lighting quality. Modern lights come with greater output capacity and enhanced consistency, providing a better and bright environment with reduced flickering.


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    Lighting Retrofit Guidelines

    It is always wise to prepare yourself before starting any major project to avoid any delays or burden of additional costs. When you plan to replace your outdated lighting system with advanced and energy-efficient products, you should make a list of guidelines to follow. Some examples are:

    Determining your budget: The best practice for the timely completion of any project is to determine the costs and your budget before starting the project. Being firm about your budget may help you customize the retrofit according to your needs.

    Setting your goals: Once you have determined your budget, you should set your goals and decide the areas where you need the retrofit to be done. Look for the higher priority or high-burn areas first. In a commercial space, a high-burn place is where the lights stay active all the time or most of the time in a day. Then gradually move to low priority areas like basements, staircases, parking garages, lobbies, etc.

    Why Galaxi Orion?

    Galaxi Orion Electric Co. takes pride in saying that we provide the best lighting installations, modification, repairs, and retrofit solutions to residential and commercial clients in Chicagoland, North Chicago, Gold Coast, and other areas. Our electricians are well-trained, professional, and highly experienced to handle all kinds of electrical jobs with maximum satisfaction and peace of mind.

    We provide fast, up-to-code, and reliable electrical services to help you with relighting and modifications. We deliver:

    • Reliable and timely services;
    • Expert Workmanship;
    • Competitive prices;
    • Best results

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