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Lighting Installation Services Chicago IL

Hey, we can help you with perfect lighting installation services. We can illuminate your home, lawn, or a commercial place exactly the way you want. For setting up any kind of interior or exterior light fixture, we are simply going to amaze you. Galaxi Orion is a top rated company serving Chicago IL. See our 5 star reviews given by our happy clients.

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Light Fixture Installation Chicago

They have different names; light fixtures, lamps, luminaires, or light fitting. Light fixtures give an aesthetically pleasing look to your bedrooms, living room, office cabins, kitchens, dining areas, etc. You can create a perfect ambience and feel in your home with proper lighting and fixture designs.

Galaxi Orion specializes in providing light fixture installation with fluorescent lamps that can be fully automated and easily maintained – allowing you to control your entire lighting system. Our professional electricians can handle all kinds of lighting installation. Our work helps your place really stand out.

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Outdoor lighting

Refresh the look of your home with magnificent outdoor lighting. At Galaxi Orion, we offer a complete line of attractive exterior lighting for your porch, patio, and landscaped areas. Our service inspires your decorating senses, helps you transform your home’s outdoor styles, and adds value to your home décor.

A great light setup gives stylish welcome to you and your guests every time you enter your house. With our expert exterior lighting solutions, we can brighten your home’s entrance with a hanging design and add style to your outside walls, yard, and driveway with attractive and soft light fittings.

Indoor Lighting

It’s always pleasing to see the mesmerizing lights inside of your house. Whether it’s a bedroom, living room, or dining area, perfect lighting adds attraction everywhere. Indoor lighting serves you in all ways; it affects your room’s feel, changes your mood anytime, and gives an inviting experience to your home décor.

Galaxi Orion Electric Co. specializes in interior lighting. Our experts will work with you to give you different ideas about creating an ideal lighting situation for your place. Have us on your side and make your house truly feel like a home.

Chandelier Installation Services

Chandeliers look beautiful and attractive due to their intricate designs. Whether they are on or off, they bring life, colors, and character to your place and add beauty to it. With its dazzling and unique design, a chandelier acts as the centerpiece of your room. It creates an air of romance and glamour – making it look more elegant.

Chandelier gives a warm and welcoming feel to any room, especially a spacious one. Unlike general lighting, it doesn’t look formal. With its light reflections, a chandelier makes your home more inviting – giving it an appealing aura and romantic warmth and glow.


Ideal Lighting Solutions for your Home

Lighting plays an essential part in increasing the beauty of your home, office, restaurant, club, bar, and every other place. Professional lighting helps a place to really stand out and look attractive and shine brightly. Many mesmerizing lighting solutions look soft, warm, and romantic and turn any site into a decorative one. Some perfect lighting solutions include:

Task lighting:  Used for purposes such as reading or inspection of materials.

Accent lighting: Decorative lighting preferred to highlight pictures, plants, or other elements of interior design or landscaping.

General lighting: Used for general illumination of an area, such as ceiling lighting or floor and table lamps.

Interior lighting: Serves you in all ways; it affects the feel of your room, changes your mood anytime, and gives an inviting experience to your home DÉCOR.

Lighting Installation Services Near Me in Chicago

Galaxi Orion Electric Co. takes pride in saying that we provide trusted and professional lighting installation services to the residents of Chicago city, Chicagoland, North Chicago, Gold Coast, Illinois, and nearby areas. Our solutions include accent lighting, energy-efficient, indoor and outdoor lighting, track lighting, and much more.

We serve both residential and commercial consumers. Our teams of electricians and specialists are available 24/7 to help clients meet all their electrical needs.

We provide fast, up-to-code, and reliable electrical services to homeowners and businesses. Our trusted and dependable services include electrical installations including breaker panels, outlets, switches, lighting installations, and 24 hour emergency electrician services.

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