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Electrical Repair Services Chicago IL

Our specialists have the expertise to provide the top-notch electrical repair services in Chicago Illinois. We professionally manage all your appliances repairs, breaker panels, outlet, switch repairs and more. Our team can also perform complex maintenance of electrical systems at the commercial properties and industrial sectors. Being a local contractor, we at Galaxi Orion, excel at rewiring services, emergency repairs, and sudden breakdowns of heating or air conditioning systems, lights, and other modern appliances. Our licensed and insured electricians grew the potential of fixing any small to more significant issues in your electrical systems.

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Home Electric Repair Chicago & Chicagoland

It brings unwanted stress to you when any home appliances or breaker panels, and outlets start malfunctioning. A sudden breakdown or a minor fault could leave you in the hours of darkness and make you suffer in heat during scorching summers. Therefore, it is always better to keep your residential electrical system always in good condition to escape such problems.

It is better to get all of your wiring, appliances, and panels checked at least twice a year to ensure everything is in perfect and working condition. Galaxi Orion Electric Co. is an experienced and trusted name in the electrical industry of Chicagoland and suburbs. We provide exceptional and affordable electric repair services for residential clients to meet their home needs and budget.

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Breaker Panels Repair

There may be nothing stressful than getting a tripped or overloaded circuit breaker. They are undoubtedly a considerable nuisance for homeowners. They bring great hassle to them when they short circuit or get overloaded and trip more than a single time. However, we would suggest paying close attention to tripping breakers as they could be sending a message regarding any potential fault in your home wiring system. If not fixed on time, it could cause a considerable loss.

Do not take this issue lightly. Get your breaker panels repaired on time to avoid any significant damage to your property and lives. If you notice an overloaded circuit or a short circuit in your wiring system causing the breaker to trip instantly while attempting to reset it, just give us a call. We will be there to get the issue fixed within the minimum possible time. We are one of the most professional electric contractors to repair or remove the damaged breaker and fix all the problems in your breaker panel or the wiring system.

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Electrical Outlet and Switch Repair

Electrical outlets provide electricity to all your appliances. Small, medium and large-sized outlets are fixed at almost every wall and in every corner of the home, offices, restaurants, bars, clubs, schools, and other residential and commercial buildings. They are the most used equipment anywhere. Due to consistent usage to power up different appliances, including air conditioners and kitchen equipment, these outlets’ connections and switches get weaker. Their ports get loose and unable to hold plugs tightly, resulting in power fluctuation to the appliances. This may lead to severe damage to your electrical equipment and your life as well.

We offer different repair and replacement services to keep you and your loved ones safe from any sudden damage. Our home electric repair services Chicago IL ensure satisfactory maintenance and repair of all your outlets and sockets – providing a household safe from all kinds of electrical damages.

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Galaxi Orion Electric Co. is a trusted and licensed electrical contractor in Chicago that not only provide safe and reliable services but remain available for your help round-the-clock.

We are a family-owned and operated company, servicing residential and commercial properties for many years now. We take pride in providing fast, up-to-code, and reliable electrical solutions to homeowners and businesses. Our trusted and dependable services include electrical installations including breaker panels, outlets, switches, lighting installation services (fixtures, indoor and outdoor lighting), and 24 hour emergency electrician services. Contact us today for free estimates and schedule an appointment.

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