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24 Hour Emergency Electrician Chicago IL

Galaxi Orion Electric Co. is a 24 hour electrician company offering emergency services in Chicago city and nearby. We aim to help you with unexpected short circuits, breakdowns, or other electrical issues.

Have you ever faced a situation when you need an electrical service to fix an emergency situation at your place? Sometimes we get stuck in an overnight situation which can’t wait for normal business hours. That’s when you know how important it is to have contact information about the right 24/7 electrician who can come to your place and help you with the situation.

Emergency doesn’t come knocking on your doors. You can face a short circuit in your home’s electrical wiring in the middle of the night that could lead to loss of power. It would be too difficult to spend a night without electricity. And if it’s summer, it may become impossible to spend even a single minute without power. A sudden breakdown can make you suffer and sweat all night.

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Emergency Electrical Repairs Chicago

We are always ready to quickly respond to all emergency calls. We believe that electrical work needs professionalism. That’s why it should only be handled by professional, highly experienced, and certified electricians to avoid any damage. We have trained our electricians to perform all kinds of electrical tasks, from the middle of the night emergencies to routine repairs. With our 24 hours operational staff, our customers get round-the-clock repair and replacement services with just one call. When we learn about your issue, our team arrives at your place with a fully-equipped van to perform the necessary repairs and restore your electricity to give you a peaceful night.

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Emergency Lighting Services

Commercial spaces such as offices, hospitals, schools, and others use emergency lights as an alternate electronically powered system. They are an essential feature for a safe workplace. They enable safe movement, prevent panic, and provide sufficient lighting in case of a power loss in the building or a home. When you have a proper emergency lighting system in your residential or commercial spaces, you can deal with any unexpected emergency.

You must perform regular checks on your emergency lighting system and inspect all the units, including batteries and charging systems. However, it is better to get professional emergency lighting services to keep your alternate source of lighting run smoothly. Experienced electricians will ensure your system remains reliable and ready!


When is it an Electrical Emergency?

Many of you might be thinking when it is appropriate to consider an electrical fault an ‘emergency’ and call someone to fix it. Galaxi Orion Electric Co. believes several scenarios may be regarded as or may lead to an electrical emergency, such as:

  • Exposed wiring: If you notice any naked wires in your home or office, or any other place, you must stay away from them and avoid using sockets that have exposed wiring. Just give us a call in that case to get the wiring covered or replaced.
  • Water in contact with electrical outlets: Make sure no socket, outlet, or breaker panel comes in contact with water as it may be dangerous.
  • Electric sparks/ smoke: Sparking electrical wires, sockets, outlets, and boards could be harmful. If any electrical equipment you think is sparking or burning, call us to get the issue fixed immediately.

We are 24/7 Electricians Serving Chicago City IL

Galaxi Orion Electric Co. takes pride in saying that we are a professional 24 hour emergency electrician company for Chicago. We offer all kinds of electrical services for residential and commercial clients. Our electricians are well-trained, professional, and highly experienced to handle all kinds of electrical jobs, including installations, repairs, replacement, and emergency lighting services.

We have a team of electricians and specialists available round-the-clock to help you in any emergency situation. They address the electrical issue at your place and inspect the entire electrical system to identify any damaged wires, sockets, or panels. We provide reliable emergency repairs with guaranteed results!

Our Benefits

We take pride in providing fast, up-to-code, and reliable emergency electrical services to help you with unexpected short circuits, breakdowns, or other issues. We deliver:

Reliable and timely services;
Expert Workmanship;
Competitive prices;
Great results.

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    Updating your light fixtures, light bulbs, or outlets will ensure proper electricity flow throughout the electrical wiring of your service panel. Unlikely, to cause overheating or power outages.

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    Save Money

    Switching to energy-efficient lighting is one of the fastest ways to cut your energy bills. One way is upgrading your electrical panel to save energy, and most importantly save you money!

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